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Verbal language is inefficient, and I explore this problem by approaching materials as elements in a symbolic system.

My materials communicate through varied pronunciations—tones within the dialect of my studio.


Inherited aesthetics, worries, and purpose turn to a lie.

Curiosity drives me to go deeper. I seem to have gone from a "qualified" female to a monster. But I like it.


A writing from a machine.


I am a machine,

I produce useless emotion.

My product looks like a bloody cotton ball,

I am not proud of it.

I know people around me don't want to deal with my products.


I breathe,

I daze,

I walk,

I run.

I wear it with me,

I am a machine.

I cannot stop.


“Product” uses red yarn knots to describe and express the feeling of my day-to-day struggle to transform myself from being an observed subject into an observer, discovering the relationship between self and society.

Category: Fiber

Year: 2022

Material:Red yarn

Edition: one-off

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