Project | 01



The idea of Abhāva Buddha is from the DIAMOND SUTRA, which is a Buddha without any facial features. I believe amber is the best material to show Buddha, because of the color and texture. That makes the jewelry more conceptual. For the outside, I used a Buddha-shaped metal frame to add a sense of space.

Project 2
This design is based on designer Lixuanʼs requirements. He needed the “hat with hair and jewelry” to
match the design of the collection. I designed many parts of the jewelry and the hat and combined
them together. I used the wintersweet and Buddhism idea for jewelry to put in the hat. For the flower,
I chose purple velvet flowers. At the back of the hat, I used a red agate string of beads to keep a
balance and add movement to the hat.
Project 3
Project | Eyes contact
Cube hairpins combination/Watch me watching you/ Eyes contact dance/Eye 
Material: copper/ silver/ mirror
Project 4
The design inspiration came from a commercial land project in Chengdu, China, named West Village. The architect's name is Liujia Kun, and he studied the social habits of Chengdu people and also the motion trajectory of marble games. I was inspired by the architect to make these finger-stalls. Humans are great because of their connection and communication with each other, so I made this work to express the subtle connection between people. When two people's hands are about to be brought together, the two will have a subtle feeling at the same time, a slight sense of an electric shock and heat. I think this feeling makes people feel safe but free. I used Rudraksha and pearls to express the two interdependent elements of water and wood to create a sense of contradiction but connection.
Jewelry * Industry design
 GEMIX is a multi-functional kitchen tool designed in minimalist style. The body structure is built in an organic shape with a curved connection part, which separates the switchable components and allows more possibilities with kitchen works. Targeting the high-end market, the tool was constructed with premium material and technology innovations. 
Designer - Yuna Yang, Mengjie Mo